’Can you teach me Personal Jesus from Depeche mode?’ asked Martin during one late-night guitar sitting.

We played the riff like a thousand times, ‘til we were going cuckoo. I needed a break, had to get some fresh air. As I came back in, I heard Martin practising, but the tune was off. Martin was so high, he couldn’t tell he was playing it all wrong. When I mentioned it, he just replied ‘So? Sounds good, doesn’t it?’

‘Sure, let’s make it a tune then’ we agreed and strode out to our favourite local pub, Duck Bar

‘We were making fun of this silly song for so long and the lyrics just came together.’

‘That’s it! Underground proper!’ and the song was formed.

Why Timbuktu? That is where we experienced the last ‘Festival au Desert’ and where we encountered a host of west-african musicians. Our journey was a veritable pilgrimage; we hitched a boat on the river Niger, took a three-man-one-bike ride across the desert, hopped on a jeep, and finally we arrived, by military escort no less. But that’s a story for the next album...?

Pavel Šmíd (Czech Republic) /
guitars, bass guitar, djembe, dundun, lead vocal
Martin Piro (Czech Republic) / guitar, percussions, vocal
Radek Gregor (Czech Republic) / harmonica
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Rhytm guitar 1: smuggled Echopark South Sider /
Line6 Helix; Magnatone Twilighter stereo combo
Rhytm guitar 2: Fender Telecaster Custom /
Magnatone Panoramic stereo combo
Bass: Warwick Masterbuilt Streamer
Stage II / EBS Classic 500
Ngoni: bought from a homeless guy
on Artisan street Bamako