Bamako Echoes

‘Don’t know, I was going crazy. The sounds, voices and melodies were just swirling around in my head and there I was, like a madman, jumping around the studio, recording and layering everything. The lyrics were just gibberish, pouring out of me during this creative frenzy.’ Pavel remembers Bamako Echoes.

Following a couple of days of solitude in the studio, Bamako Echoes was born. Upon hearing it for the first time, Martin exclaimed, ‘Dude, this is your rite of passage into adulthood!’ Sand, sun and mess everywhere. Somehow, this evoked the feeling of Bamako, so we called it Bamako Echoes, adds Martin.

Pavel Šmíd (Czech Republic) / guitars, bass guitar, percussions, vocals, ngoni
Radek Gregor (Czech Republic) / harmonica
Guitars: Kourek (acoustic)
Fender Telecaster Custom / Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue combo
Bass: Warwick Masterbuilt Streamer Stage II /
EBS Classic 500
Ngoni: bought from a homeless guy on Artisan street Bamako